CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

Title: Devil in Disguise.

Codes: C/P NC-17

Author: AbyKitten (AbyKitten@aol.com-Send feedback pleeease!)


Disclaimer: Paramount-Yes. AbyKitten-No.

Warnings: This story contains 'slash' material, i.e. sexual situations involving two men. If you are in any way offended by this or are not over the magic 18, then please do not continue to read any further.

Dedication: Okay, so here’s the hard part ;o)

I would like to dedicate this story to everyone on the VSPS cause they're just a brilliant bunch of people who write great stories and make me laugh. To Laura, who took time out to read and comment on the ramblings of an inexperienced author. Thank you honey, I owe you one! :o) To KhiDax for encouraging me from the moment this idea crept into my brain at 11.30pm one Saturday night, and for taking my call and letting me gab on about it even though it was pretty late. Thanks, you are a true friend.

Notes: This is my first piece of slash fiction so if you're going to send me feedback about it, please bear that in mind. This story came about after having watched the superb British 'Gay' drama, 'Queer as Folk'. I had wanted to try my hand at writing a slash story for ages, and watching this gave me the inspiration and push that I needed to make me do it.

Devil in Disguise
By AbyKitten.

Lieutenant Chakotay sighed and pulled at the collar of his Starfleet dress uniform, looking at himself in the mirror one more time. He hated these 'receptions', but there was no getting out of this one, not now that he was Admiral Michael 'Mickey' O'Shay's aide. He had known that having studied in the command track, he was a prime candidate for this kind of duty, but he had never really thought he would end up doing it.

Rubbing a hand over tired eyes, he turned from the mirror and headed out of his bedroom and into the living area of the apartment he shared with his long time friend Will Riker. As he stepped into the living room a low wolf whistle came from the vicinity of the sofa.

"My, my don't you just look handsome?" Will teased from his lounging position.

"Up yours Riker, aren't you supposed to be packing and not sitting around on your fat ass making comments about me?" Chakotay shot back and grinned at his friend.

Riker pulled a mock hurt expression and sat up, rubbing a hand over his bearded face and through his hair.

"Yes, I suppose I am, but I can't seem to get up the enthusiasm to do it."

Chakotay chuckled and shook his head at the man before him. This was the man who would be leaving in two days time on a temporary mission to Betazed before taking over his commission as First Officer aboard the ‘Hood’ and he couldn't get up any enthusiasm?

"Will, I can't believe you just said that. I mean in what, two, possibly three months you're going to be a First Officer and you can't get excited about it?!" Chakotay's voice showed his disbelief.

"I know that I should be over the moon at this, and I am" he paused.

"But?" Chakotay filled in for him.

Riker smiled and continued, "But, I'm just not looking forward to this time on Betazed. I mean, look how big a pain in the ass I've been and I've only been home for about ten days, so what the hell am I going to be like after being grounded for three months?"

Chakotay shook his head again. He could understand what Will was saying. He himself was going to have to be on earth for a year, he knew how much he missed being in space, and Will Riker's wanderlust was even greater than his own. He was brought back from his musing when the Comm link beeped alerting him to the fact that the ground car containing the Admiral was outside waiting for him.

"Listen Will, if you're still up when I get back we can talk about it then, but for now go and do some packing." Chakotay gave his friends shoulder a squeeze and was then off out the door.

Riker got up and went to the window watching his friend speed off in the ground car and smiled. At least things weren't going to be as bad for him as they were for Chakotay. At least he wasn't going to have to deal with the likes of Admiral Paris and his cronies every day like his poor friend was, and for that he was eternally grateful.


Chakotay stepped from the ground car and was followed by Admiral O'Shay. The reception that they were attending was for the welcoming of new cadets to the Academy and was given every year. Chakotay could remember when he had first become a cadet and how overwhelming this get together was, he smiled to himself in sympathy with the young men and women he could see arriving also.

Admiral O'Shay noticed Chakotay's grin and began to chuckle as he read his expression.

"Like lambs to the slaughter, eh boy?" he intoned in his deep Irish brogue and clapped Chakotay firmly on the shoulder.

"Yes, sir" Chakotay chuckled.

Both men continued to watch the cadets arriving for a few more minutes. All of them were young, fresh faced and glowing, little did they realise that this was going to be one of the most important nights of their lives. Tonight would give Starfleet Command a look at their prospective officers in a formal social setting which would help them to decide if these young people would be able to make the grade. Being a Starfleet officer did not just mean the ability to work well together in a structured setting, but also the ability to cope with meeting new people under social settings, which played a big part in the life of an officer.

"Look at them, they're so fresh they're practically green! Were we ever that young Chakotay?"

Chakotay turned to the Admiral and smiled. "I believe that we were sir, and the scary thing is, there was probably some Admiral and his aide said the very same thing about us at the time."

The Admiral let forth with a great bark of laughter and thumped Chakotay on the back again nodding his head.

"You're probably right at that boy. Well, no sense in hanging around out here any longer it won't stop us from having to attend."

Chakotay watched Admiral O'Shay climb the stairs in front of the main building to the academy, mumbling to himself something about hating being an Admiral and being forced to attend these bloody functions like some kind of social butterfly. He chuckled at the old man's ramblings and followed him into the building.


The reception hall was huge and just how Chakotay remembered it. He watched the new cadets gather into groups of familiar faces and begin to talk among themselves. He remembered doing the same thing himself then, and on reflection now, he realised it was because of the old adage 'better the devil you know'. Smiling to himself it took him a moment to realise that he had lost Admiral O'Shay and he began to scan the crowd for him.

Chakotay knew it wouldn't take long to find the Admiral, for even with his petite stature, 5ft 3in in his stocking soles, Mickey O'Shay was an easily recognisable person. What the man lacked in height he sure made up for in personality. He had a wicked sense of humour, which he wasn't afraid to share, and a laugh that could easily be heard from the other side of a crowded noisy room. It was this sound that Chakotay heard first, and spotted the Admiral standing with quite a few professors and students from the academy. No doubt he would be regaling them with one of his tales about his brother and himself. These stories were some of the most told in the Quadrant, and not just by the Admiral, but by those who knew him too.

Chakotay made his way over to the group just in time to hear the Admiral begin the tale of when he managed to get twelve Ferengi ambassadors on the hunt for a 'Leprechaun' and his fabled pot of gold. Everyone in the group's attention was wrapped, but Chakotay had heard the story before and so only paid half his mind to what was being said, with the other half he scanned the room watching the comings and goings.

He watched the crowd for a while but nothing of any interest was going on. He was about to turn his full attention back to the conversation when he spotted someone watching him from the other side of the room. It was a boy, obviously a new cadet, but unlike all the others in the room he was alone. He stood with his back to the wall, trying to blend into the woodwork, while using his position as a vantagepoint to scan the crowd and watch the goings on.

Chakotay watched the boy for a while, he was incredibly handsome. He was tall and thin, but had a well-defined musculature, and had bright blond hair and golden skin, which gave him the look of a surfer. Chakotay felt a flash of desire run through his body, but quickly stifled it when he remembered that the boy was just that, a *boy*, he couldn't be more that seventeen and to Chakotay that was jailbait, after all he was twenty seven.

After a beat Chakotay realised that the boy had seen his scrutiny and was smiling at him. It was a beautiful smile from a beautiful face, but Chakotay saw the Machiavellian glint in the boy's eyes. They stood gazing at one another for a moment as if under some kind of spell and Chakotay again felt the heat of desire creep through his body and centre itself in his groin. It was at that moment he decided it would be a good time to look away and re-enter the conversation with the rest of the group.

The sound of the Admiral's laughter brought Chakotay's attention back to the conversation and away from the boy. He was grateful that everyone was laughing so hard they would not see his flushed expression and obvious arousal.

Willing himself back under control, he was glad when Professor Miranda Jones, a warp theory specialist, drew him into a conversation about the new prototype engines that were being used in newly commissioned ships. He engrossed himself in what the professor was saying although he really had no interest in what the new deuterium flow regulators were capable of, but it helped to keep his mind from focusing on the vision of what he would like to do to the young blond.

Chakotay listened intently to everything the professor had to say and answered when he was required to, but he was grateful when he felt the Admiral's hand on his shoulder.

"Professor Jones, I am so sorry to disturb your conversation with the Lieutenant here, but I'm afraid I need him for a moment." The Admiral smiled graciously at the woman.

"No problem, Admiral O'Shay. I have the feeling that Lieutenant Chakotay was not so interested in the conversation as he made out to be."

Chakotay's face began to flame, but before he could protest the Admiral had swiftly intervened on his behalf.

"Ah, now come on Miranda, you know that's not true. Young Chakotay here was probably just mesmerised by your beauty and it only seemed like he wasn't listening to you." The Admiral winked at her.

Blushing furiously the professor giggled girlishly, which almost had Chakotay in hysterics as the woman was about eighty years old, and batted the Admiral playfully on the arm.

"Oh, Mickey you are such a flirt and I think you've been kissing the Blarney stone again."

"Never my dear, never." he replied thickening his accent and took Chakotay by the arm and guided him away from her.

When they were a safe enough distance away from the professor both men began to laugh raucously. They were so caught up in their mirth they did not see the two people approaching them and only knew they had company when a commanding voice cut through their laughter.

"Glad to see that someone is enjoying themselves." The deep resonant voice came from behind them.

Admiral O'Shay and Chakotay both turned to answer who had addressed them, and were confronted with the steel grey eyes of Admiral Owen Paris, third in line at Starfleet Command.

Chakotay immediately straightened up and pulled himself together, sobering at the look directed at him by Admiral Paris. He was so caught in the others man's glare that he did not see the person standing with him until Admiral Paris turned to Admiral O'Shay and spoke again.

"Michael I would like to introduce you to my son, Thomas." he said turning to the young man who was partially hidden behind him.

The boy stepped around his father and up to Admiral O'Shay. Putting his hand forward to grasp the Admiral's in a firm shake.

"Admiral O'Shay, it's nice to meet you, sir" he said around a dazzling smile.

The Admiral nodded his head. "It's nice to finally meet you Thomas, I have heard much about you," when he saw the boy's embarrassed glance at his father, he continued grinning and waggling his eyebrows " and believe me it was not all from your father."

The young man smiled again, ducking his head in further embarrassment. This caused the Admiral to laugh heartily and clap the boy firmly on the shoulder.

"At least you had the decency to blush young Paris," he said still grinning at the boy. " Let me introduce you to my aide..."

Chakotay had not noticed that all three of the men had turned and were looking directly at him. He had completely blanked out and the room narrowed in around him when he saw whom the Admiral's son was. It was the kid he had been eyeing up earlier. He felt his face flame as he remembered just what he had been thinking about doing with this young man. It had been bad enough then when he felt the kid was too young, but now that he knew he was Admiral Paris' son it just became ten times worse. He was brought back to himself when Admiral O'Shay touched his shoulder and spoke to him.

"Are you all right Chakotay? You look rather flushed and you faded out on us for a moment there." the Admiral's voice was full of concern.

"I'm fine sir, sorry for not paying attention." he said hoping that the Admiral wouldn't dig any further into why he had suddenly become so inattentive.

"Ah, it's all right Chakotay. You were probably thinking about some pretty girl you're going to meet after you're freed from this shin dig, eh?" the Admiral said in a light tone giving Chakotay a knowing wink.

Chakotay gave an embarrassed smile, nodded his head and answered, "Something like that, sir."

Admiral O'Shay laughed at his young aide's answer, "Well, Chakotay, now that I have your full attention again I would like to introduce you to one of our new cadets who just so happens to be Owen here's son."

Chakotay looked toward Admiral Paris, he could see the look of annoyance on his face at being addressed by his given name and not his rank in front of a junior officer. Chakotay just nodded at him before turning to the young man at his side and offering his hand.

Chakotay grasped the young man's hand feeling the contact of the warmth between them sending jolting sparks of electricity up his arm. He couldn't take his eyes off the man in front of him, and was only partly aware of Admiral O'Shay's voice in the background.

"Lt Chakotay this is Cadet Thomas Paris. A new young star at the academy. He has an amazing talent for flying, in fact he's beaten all the flight records already."

Chakotay smiled, treating Tom to a full view of his dimples. "Pleased to meet you Thomas. I hope that I'll get to see you in action."

At Chakotay's words, Tom's eyebrow raised in amusement at the older man's accidental double entendre.

Chakotay blushed when he realised what he had said, and watched a small smile play across Tom's face while mischief and something else Chakotay wasn't sure he wanted to see, shone in his eyes.

"Please, call me Tom. And I have no doubt that you will get to see me in action," Tom said smoothly.

As Tom spoke, Chakotay could feel the grip on his hand become a slight caress, which again sent the sparks of sexual electricity through his body and this time it went straight to his groin. Pulling his hand away as quickly as he could without causing the Admirals to notice what was passing between him and the younger man, Chakotay shifted slightly and turned to face Admiral Paris, giving him his most winning smile and commented on how proud he must be of his son.

Chakotay was somewhat surprised over the Admiral's lack of enthusiasm, when both he and Admiral O'Shay had commented about Tom's flying. He didn't seem at all interested in it and kept saying that 'the boy' would soon grow out of it and would then be well on his way up the Command Track ladder.

Chakotay noticed that while Admiral Paris spoke, Tom just smiled and agreed with his father's words. But when Chakotay looked closely at Tom, he could see the lines of tension around his eyes, which had lost all their earlier sparkle and it was then that he knew Tom didn't really agree with his father and seemed disappointed in his lack of praise for his flying.

Chakotay was very glad when the Admiral Paris noticed another group of Admirals and excused himself and Tom, he was beginning to get uncomfortable with the comments from the Admiral about, and to, his son.

"Admiral O'Shay, Lt Chakotay, as pleasant as it has been talking with you, I still have to introduce Thomas to some of the other guests, so if you'll excuse us?" Owen Paris said brusquely, and after shaking hands with both men again, he moved across the room to greet the other Admirals and Professors.

Tom took a moment to shake hands with both men also, "It was very nice meeting both of you," and turning to Chakotay he gave the older man a bright smile. "Lt Chakotay I hope that I'll see you around the flight deck sometime, perhaps we can try a few manoeuvres together."

Before Chakotay had time to answer, Tom had nodded to Admiral O'Shay and was heading into the crowd to where his father was waiting for him.

Chakotay watched Tom being introduced to the group by his father. He smiled and shook his head as he saw the young man smile graciously and make comments that made everybody laugh. This boy was going to be the perfect Starfleet Officer, Chakotay thought as he continued to watch the scene before him. Tom was bright, witty, intelligent, charming and knew how to work a crowd with his angelic face and polite conversation. So why, oh why, Chakotay said to himself does the saying 'Devil in Disguise' keep running through my head? Perhaps, he thought, it was something to do with the fact that Tom kept sending him smouldering looks while carrying on his conversation as if nothing were happening.

Admiral O'Shay placing a hand on his shoulder and chuckling interrupted Chakotay's thoughts once again.

"He's quite something our young Mr Paris" he said following Chakotay's gaze across the room.

Chakotay stiffened imperceptibly and blushed causing the Admiral to smile and pat him reassuringly on the back. "It's okay boy. I used to have that spark with someone not unlike Tom many years ago. All I can say is, just be careful, Owen Paris is a hard man and can cause a lot of trouble for those who get on his wrong side."

Chakotay looked down at the Admiral and then back across the room to Tom and his father. He sighed slightly and turning back to Admiral O'Shay gave him a small smile.

"Thank you for the advice sir. I'll be sure to take it."

Patting Chakotay's back one more time Mickey O'Shay turned and headed toward the bar to get himself a drink. He hoped fervently that Chakotay would take his advice, he liked the young man who was his temporary aide and he didn't want to see him get hurt by Owen Paris, arrogant and self- righteous S.O.B.


After a few more moments of watching Tom, Chakotay made his way to the bar and ordered a drink. Sipping at his club soda he watched the rest of the room trying to keep his attention from the young blond currently working the room like a professional. Try as he might though, he just could not stop himself from watching Tom. Watching how his eyes lit up and crinkled slightly when he told a story. How the light in the room against his fair skin and light hair gave him an ethereal glow. How his lean frame and graceful movements reminded Chakotay of a cat. How his lips were the perfect shape and colour.

Chakotay's attention began to focus solely on Tom's lips as thoughts of kissing and licking them came unbidden into his mind. His pulse began to race and he once again felt the heat of desire course through his body. He tried to drag his eyes and attention away from Tom's mouth, but it was becoming like an obsession he could no longer control, and the more he tried not to think about what he would like to do to that mouth, the more erotic his thoughts became. Slipping from the simple fantasy of having his mouth on Tom's, to the raging desire to have Tom's mouth on his dick.

Chakotay gasped at where his errant thoughts were taking him, and he tried desperately to control them. As if by telepathy, Tom chose that moment to look directly at the older man, licking his lips and giving him a knowing smile. Chakotay's eyes widened and he gave a small gasp, turning quickly to face the bar in the vain attempt to hide the prominent bulge in his pants.

Lifting his drink and bringing it to his mouth, Chakotay noticed that his hands were shaking. Quickly he put the glass down on the counter in front of him and clasped his hands together. Taking deep breaths he began to try and calm himself. This is stupid he thought how could I let myself be affected this badly by a boy who I have only just met and have absolutely no intention of ever pursuing. Not only is he too young, but also like Admiral O'Shay said his father could make trouble for me that could end a promising career. With these thoughts in his head Chakotay began to feel his arousal dim somewhat and he felt more in control.

Ordering himself another drink, Chakotay turned back toward the room and began watching the crowd again. Noticing with some interest that Tom was no where to be seen, he felt for some strange and unknown reason a small sense of disappointment. Spying Admiral O'Shay across the room having an animated conversation with some of the new cadets, Chakotay decided to join them and perhaps it would help to take his mind off of Tom.

Lifting his drink from the bar, he began to make his way across the room, when he heard his name being called. He turned to the source of the voice and found himself looking at a red faced and panting senior cadet.

"Lieutenant Chakotay, there is a priority communiqué just come in for you Sir. I was told to come find you and let you know that you can take it in conference lounge one."

Chakotay smiled at the young man. "Thank you, Cadet Robinson."

The boy gave Chakotay a quick nod and turning, headed back to his duties at the communications centre.

Chakotay deposited his glass on the nearest table and left the reception hall heading for the conference lounge. As he walked along the corridor he smiled and nodded to those he passed, wondering who would be sending him a priority communiqué.

Stepping into the conference lounge Chakotay called for lights. Heading towards one of the communications panels, he heard the door hiss closed behind him, and then the monotone voice of the computer inform him that the privacy lock had been engaged.

"What the hell?!" Chakotay exclaimed turning and heading back to the door. "Computer, override privacy lock."

"Unable to comply." Came the response.

"It won’t open until I tell it to." Came a quiet voice from behind Chakotay making him start, and spin in the direction of the voice.

"Who's there? And why the hell is the privacy lock engaged?" Chakotay said, his tone of voice rising along with his agitation.

"Calm down Lieutenant, nothings going to happen that you don't want to." The voice said again, but this time as the words were spoken the high backed chair at the head of the conference table turned to reveal who the voice belonged to.

Chakotay's eyes widened when he saw the lithe figure of Tom Paris sitting in the chair grinning at him. "Goddamit Cadet Paris! What is going on here?" he fumed.

A small hurt look flitted across Tom's face before he replaced it with a pout. "So it's Cadet Paris now?"

Chakotay shook his head wanting to stay mad at the young man for lying to him and holding him hostage of a sort. But looking at him sitting there with his guileless blue eyes and little boy expression, he found that no matter how much he wanted to, he just couldn't.

He sighed and dragged his hand through his hair, resting his hip on the side of the table. "No Tom, it's not. But why did you make up the lie about the communiqué, why didn't you just say you wanted to speak to me?"

Tom's eyes lowered to the table before they once again flicked up to Chakotay's face. "Because I knew you wouldn't come."

"What makes you say that?" Chakotay asked.

"Because you think I'm too young. You think I'm jailbait." Tom purred lifting himself out of the chair and moving to where Chakotay was.

Chakotay watched Tom making his way toward him, and began to feel uncomfortable. Tom looked like a cat on the prowl. The look of desire on his face and his body language speaking more clearly than words ever could. Chakotay felt his heartbeats quicken and his breaths begin to shallow out. This boy was trying to seduce him, and he soon found himself wanting to give into the temptation.

Chakotay stiffened as Tom closed the last of the gap between them until they were standing almost chest to chest. His hands, which had been holding the edge of the table lightly, now began to turn white with the pressure of his grip, as he fought the urge to reach out and pull the younger man to him.

Tom looked into Chakotay's eyes, seeing the internal war that the man was fighting clearly displayed. Reaching a hand up, he began to trace the older man's tattoo with a delicate finger. Leaning in close to Chakotay, Tom whispered into his ear making him gasp.

"I know you want me Chakotay, I've known it since the moment we met. And you know what? I want you too and I'm going to have you."

Tom darted his tongue out and quickly flicked it over Chakotay's ear making the older man moan. Tom was now pressing himself against Chakotay and could feel the man's erection pressing against his belly, causing his own to surge in response. Giving him no time to protest Tom licked a wet path from Chakotay's ear to his mouth. He could feel the older man struggling with his emotions, but he also knew his resolve was weakening, and he grinned against the Lieutenant's cheek before claiming his mouth in a Soul-rocking kiss.

Chakotay could not believe what was happening to him. He was being kissed, fondled and seduced by the most beautiful man he had ever met. A man who was also ten years his junior and the son of an Admiral. Groaning he tried to pull away from the skilled mouth and tongue of Tom Paris. To try and reassert some kind of control back into the situation, but his head was held firm by strong hands which were now tangled in his thick black hair.

Pulling back slightly from the older man, Tom began to kiss his way down to Chakotay's neck, all the while murmuring reassurances. Chakotay gasped and moaned as Tom pulled at the collar of his dress uniform exposing more skin for his lips to worship.

Chakotay was quickly losing his mind, wanting to do nothing more than grab a hold of his young tormentor and fuck him senseless. Gathering what little of his wits he had left, Chakotay pulled Tom away from his neck and held him at arms length. Panting slightly he looked into the face of the very flushed and beautifully aroused man who was driving him insane with desire and lust.

"Tom, we can't do this," he began, seeing a look of disappointment on the young man's face, who then grinned, licked his lips and lunged at Chakotay kissing him again, hard.

Chakotay was so taken aback with Tom's sudden move, he lost his grip on the blonde's arms and found himself once again chest to chest and cock to cock with the man.

Tom was a skilled and passionate kisser. Between his mouth working on Chakotay's, and his hand, which had now situated itself between the two of them and was gently massaging Chakotay's erection, he knew the big man would soon be a goner.

Chakotay began to moan constantly and thrust against Tom's hand trying to increase the contact, which his body now craved like water. He knew that this was wrong, that he shouldn't be doing this or feeling this way about the man who was now the master of his desire. But it was happening and Chakotay was beginning not to care about what his sane, rational self was trying to tell him, and gave into the demands of his baser instincts and bodies desire.

Tom sensed and then felt Chakotay's capitulation, as the older man's arms wrapped around him and deepened their kiss. He took a moment from his concentrating on Chakotay's kisses, to congratulate himself on his victory. He had wanted the big man from the moment he had walked into the reception hall, and he knew he would have done whatever it took to get him. And now, here in an academy conference lounge he was going to have him.

The men kissed desperately, passionately, only stopping when the need for air forced them apart. Gasping for breath both men gazed at one another mesmerised with the other's beauty. Both of them were handsome men, but when highly aroused as they were now, they were stunning.

No longer able to stop himself, and no longer wanting to, Chakotay drew Tom to him again plundering the young man's mouth with his questing tongue. Tom, not wanting the older man to think he was now in control of the situation pulled away. With a glint in his eye and a last kiss to Chakotay's luscious mouth, he dropped to his knees and pulled the Lieutenant's pants open to reveal his large, straining and weeping erection.

The scent of Chakotay's musk assaulted Tom's nostrils and made his mouth water. Leaning forward he inhaled deeply taking in as much of the scent as he could before flicking his tongue out to catch the drop of pre- ejaculate glistening on the tip of the big man's cock.

Chakotay gasped and jerked as he felt Tom's tongue flicking across the head of his dick, and he resumed his death grip on the edge of the table to stop himself from grabbing Tom's head and thrusting hard into his open and inviting mouth.

Loving Chakotay's responsiveness, Tom licked the head of the man's cock again before letting it slip into his warm wet mouth. Chakotay gave out a prolonged moan and Tom looked up to see the older man, his head was bowed, eyes shut tight, chest rising and falling hard as his breathing became laboured, a groan escaping his lips when he realised Tom had removed his mouth.

Taking this as permission to continue, Tom plunged his mouth back down onto Chakotay's cock, relaxing his throat and taking him in to the hilt. Chakotay wailed and grabbed a hold of Tom's head, whether to keep him there or to push him away, neither was sure.

It had been a while for Chakotay and he felt the familiar tingling and tightening of his balls which signalled that this was not going to last long. Tom noticed this too and began to apply more suction and pressure to the throbbing member, which was now beginning to piston in and out of his mouth, and he felt the grip on his head tighten.

Grabbing a hold of Chakotay's ass, Tom sucked for dear life, listening to the moans and gasps of the man above him, which were driving him ever onward. After a beat he felt the older man stiffen and bellow as he shot streams of his white-hot essence down Tom's throat.

Tom, taking all that Chakotay had to offer sucked and siphoned until the big Indian slumped back against the table. Licking at the man's softening member until it was clean, Tom gave it one final kiss before stowing it back into Chakotay's pants. He stood looking at the big man who was flushed and had beads of sweat dotting his brow and upper lip.

"See, it wasn't that bad." He said smirking at Chakotay, who in turn grinned back and pulled Tom in for another deep kiss.

Breaking from the kiss Chakotay smiled at Tom. "I suppose it wasn't, and I do taste pretty good." He teased watching the young man before him smile and shake his head.

"No, I suppose you don't at that." Tom teased back, smacking his lips together and kissed Chakotay soundly.

Chakotay chuckled and shook his head. "Wise ass." He said before devouring Tom's lips again.

The kiss deepened and Chakotay could feel Tom's erection poking him in the belly. Reaching a hand down he cupped it through the fabric of Tom's uniform. He was surprised when the young man pulled away from him shaking his head.

"Uh, uh, big man. You can't have me tonight I have to be somewhere in ten minutes. This," he said patting his very noticeable erection "will be for next time."

And with that Tom disengaged the privacy lock and was out the door before anything else could be said, leaving a very stunned but sated Chakotay in his wake.

The End?

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