CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

Title: Inch by Inch
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Note: Sequel to Mere Nine inches. (Challenge).
Pairing: C/P
Rating: R language and m/m
Summary: Just how far is Tom willing to go for his man?
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"Inch by Inch"

Tom dreaded going in to the mess hall, for he knew that word of what happened down on the planet had probably gotten out. The reason he knew was because he was certain that B'Elanna and Harry would have open mouth and inserted foot, they do this all the time, especially if Tom would get the brunt of the humiliation. //With friends like these, who the hell needs enemies? // He mused to himself as he braved the mess hall. He was hungry and as fate would have it, he didn't have any ration credits for this week left.

As soon as he entered inside, the place became quiet, then as he moved to get in line; Dalby's voice rang out. "Hey Tom, get any action lately?" And the crowd roared with laughter, even if the comment was lame. //Oh, yeah. Friends like mine. //

Once he had his tray he spotted his friends and decided to join them, for even if they were the cause of his current humiliation, there was no one else he'd want to sit with. As he sat down he gave a long glare at Harry and B'Elanna. "Thanks," he quipped with annoyance.

Harry at least had the decency to look guilty, but B'Elanna was more than willing to make light of the situation, for by placing it all on Tom's shoulders, she wouldn't have to face her part in the entire mess of what happened down on the planet. "Tom, it was just a situation that got out of control, don't let them get to you," she smirked.

"Hey Torres, how does it feel to know that you weren't man enough for Paris?" Carter from Astrophysics shouted.

B'Elanna whirled and growled, her teeth showing. But Tom placed a hand on her shoulder, "It was just a situation that got out of control," he said, mocking sincerity.

"Fuck you!" she snapped and started to storm out of the mess hall.

"It didn't work the first time, Torres, what makes you think that it would a second time?" Dalby shouted.

B'Elanna growled her threat one last time before exiting, now regretting letting the information out. Tom gave a small-satisfied smirk, and looked at Harry. "Well, at least I'm not going to suffer alone."

"Give it a rest, Tom" Harry said, his face a bit red from embarrassment.

"Tom, could you give us the logical approach to sex?" Carter snickered.

Tom just ignored the comment and focused on his friend Harry. "Again, I'm sorry. But I didn't say anything."

"I know it wasn't your fault what happened, Tom. I just wish B'Elanna and I could get over this self stupidity and talk about private stuff in the middle of the hall," he sighed in exasperation.

"Hey, Harry, was Tom as good for you as he was for me?" Megan Delaney chuckled.

"I think I'm going to be going on a self in posed diet," Harry replied to Tom.

"If you ignore them, it'll go away soon enough," Tom said with confidence, that he prayed was well placed.

"Hey, Carter? How many officers does it take to screw a Paris?" Dalby asked.

Carter chuckled, "I don't know? Four?"

"No, three lower rank or one First Officer," Dalby chuckled back.

Tom suddenly stopped eating and glared at Dalby, but then as Dalby continued to make other dumb cracks about Tom himself, Tom went back to eating his food and talking with Harry.

"Well, you show a lot more restraint that I would if I was the full brunt of all this," Harry said, showing his admiration and his sorrow for being apart of causing.

"Hey Tom? Do you think the Commander will lighten up since you took the bug from up his ass and replaced it with something else?" Carter quipped.

It happened so fast that Harry couldn't even comprehend what really happened. First he was sitting with Tom as Carter's comment rang out and the next thing he knew Tom had flew from his seat at Carter knocking the man down, and Tom was now pounding the living crap out of the guy. Tom was growling like he had done on the planet, with an uncontrolled fury. It took five guys to pull Tom off of Carter who was in serious need of some medical attention as security finally showed up.

Harry watched Tom being taken to the brig, a smug look of satisfaction on his face as Dalby called for an emergency beam to the infirmary with Carter. Harry couldn't get over the fact that this was all his and B'Elanna's fault. He knew he had to speak with Tuvok that would soon be informed of the matter and let him know just how much Tom had been putting up with. Not that he thought it would really help, but Harry didn't know what else to do.


Tom stood at attention in the Commanders office as Tuvok informed the First Officer the turn of events according to witnesses. He also reported that Carter was fine, but had received a minor concussion along with a broken nose, but it had been fixed.

"All right, Tuvok. I've got it from here," Chakotay said, the anger simmering in his voice.

"Very well, Commander," the Vulcan replied and then left.

Chakotay stared at Tom, furious that Tom had behaved like this. The Doctor gave Tom a clean bill of health, //Perhaps we should have the Doctor check again, // he thought. "Just because what occurred on the planet was excused doesn't mean that this type of behavior will be tolerated, Lieutenant!" he growled. He had tipped his head as he was getting up from his chair that he missed the slight smile on Tom's face, but was quickly gone in a few seconds.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

Tom looked deep into Chakotay's eyes, "He deserved it, for the little bastard had the nerve to degrade you," he replied, the sincerity in his voice in regards to defending the Commander's honor was startling to Chakotay.

Chakotay didn't know what startled him most; the fact that Tom risked serious brig time in defending 'his' honor or the fact that inside he felt this pleased tingling sensation that Tom did what he did…for him. Before he knew it, Tom was inch from him, and he could feel the intensity of the young man's eyes on him along with the heat of his body. He swallowed hard, for he could feel Tom in wrapping him fully in his deep blue eyes, as his blood rushed in his ears as well as south of the boarder.

Before Chakotay could say a word, Tom's lips were caressing his own, and though his mind was telling him that this shouldn't be happening, Chakotay's body had other ideas. Opening his mouth easily to accept Tom's exploring tongue, he found his arms wrapping around Tom's waist, as Tom embraced him and pulled him tightly to the slim firm chest. A moan escaped the older man's throat as the two men kissed passionately, and their hands groped each other as if in serious need to touch.

The next thing Chakotay was aware of he was on top of his desk, with Tom on top of him, their clothes cast aside on the floor. Tom was touching, rubbing, and caressing him to that same high he felt down on the planet. "Oh yes!" he cried out. He felt intoxicated by Tom as well as fully aroused. Then Tom began to ride him as wildly as he did before and both men shouted their ecstasy to the heavens. Then in an explosion of fire the two men came then collapsed together, both lost in the complete sated sensation that filled them.

After a few minutes of them just being there, Tom leaned up and kissed Chakotay. Then he gave a warm loving smile, "One month no rations and no privileges?"

Chakotay just nodded, still trying to get his brain to wrap around what just happened.

"As you wish," Tom whispered sweetly. "I better go get cleaned up before reporting back to the bridge, yes?"

"Yes," Chakotay replied, just barely finding his voice. Then he watched Tom replicate a moist towel and a dry one and cleaned Chakotay thoroughly. He was still stunned by the turn of events that he didn't think twice about it. Then he started getting dressed as Tom did. "Ah, Tom? What just happened here?"

"Don't worry about it, love," Tom purred as he fastened his jacket closed, and then caressed Chakotay's face. "We can talk about it later. I'd invite you to dinner…?" he smiled. Then he gave a chaste kiss to a stunned First Officer and exited.

Chakotay just sat there stunned, //Perhaps 'I' should go get checked out? // He wondered.


Janeway sat on the bridge a bit bored when her First Officer and good friend finally decided to show up. The thought of teasing him, just a little bit, was very tempting. She gave him a knowing smile, and was pleased by the slight color that hinted Chakotay's cheeks. "Going over the away mission report?" she asked quietly, knowing that Chakotay would get the true meaning of her comment.

"No comment," Chakotay replied softly as he took his seat.

"Well then, could you at least let me know how things measure up?" she asked in the innocent tone that she practiced so well for moments like this.

Chakotay closed his eyes, not believing that Kathryn would choose now of all times to pick on him. This was far from the first time, but now just seemed to be the worst, for he could feel the heat of his skin as he remembered Tom's touch, not only on the planet, but a few hours ago. "I assure you, Captain. That every thing measured up just fine," he grinned. Deciding to give as good as he was getting, "and yes, it was a hard mission, but everything came off without a hitch."

Janeway could barely contain her laughter. "Well, if you have everything in hand," she smirked. "I'll be in my ready room,'' //laughing my ass off. //

"Very well," Chakotay replied and watched his friend manage to keep her composure as she moved off the bridge. No one noticed the deadly glare that one Tom Paris was giving her.

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