CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

Title: Scotland Yard
Sequel: to The Measure of my Love (part 4 of The Ruler of my Soul series)
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairing: C/P
Rating: R language and m/m
Summary: Just how far is Tom willing to go for his man?
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"Scotland Yard"

Lt. Commander Tuvok, Commander Chakotay, and Captain Janeway waited patiently in the Doctors office for the results of the autopsy report on the former Lt. Carter.

"He was shoved into a barrel of floor cleaner?" Janeway asked.

"Though I doubt that was the method used to do away with Lt. Carter, it was the intended method of hiding the body, most likely till another way was found. Had I not been on my scheduled area sweep, it is very likely that we would not have discovered the body for some time if at all. The likely hood is that who ever committed this crime would have found another means of disposing of the body and we would be left with a mystery," Tuvok stated.

"Well, I want the culprit found," Janeway ordered. "This is completely unacceptable. I can't have a murder running loose on board."

"Any indication of who or why?" Chakotay asked.

"None at the moment, Commander. But I have just started my investigation. I have my team questioning those who knew Lt. Carter and I am compiling a detailed account of his last day of his where he was. This should provide me with some place to start," Tuvok replied.

The EMH walked in. "Well, to put it simply, his neck was snapped in two."

Janeway and Chakotay steeled themselves at hearing the brutality that someone on board was capable of showing. "Any DNA traces?" she asked.

"No, Captain. Who ever did this, was quite aware that the basic compound in the standard floor cleaner we use has an acid base," the EMH replied. Seeing that this wasn't clear enough, "Basically all traces of any outside DNA was eaten away by the chemical leaving no trace. I can tell you that Lt. Carter has only been dead for only four hours."

"Four hours," Tuvok repeated. "Then the crime is still relatively fresh. If you will excuse me, Captain. It is a known fact that the odds of catching the criminal is higher the closer to the actual time of the occurrence. Since this only happened four hours ago, I should be able to track Lt. Carter's movements well enough to compile a list of suspects," Tuvok stated then with his customary nod exited out of sickbay.

"Who could have done this?" Janeway asked, her concern running deep as she paced the Doctor's office.

"Obviously someone strong enough to snap the human neck in one blow," the EMH replied.

"One blow?" Chakotay inquired.

"Yes. There were no signs of a struggle and no other signs of damage to his body other then the killing blow," the Doctor stated. "There is little else I can tell you. I will make the body ready for the proper procedures. If you would excuse me," he said then exited his office.

"I knew this was going to be a difficult week, but this…this was never considered on for the agenda," Janeway said. She turned to Chakotay, "Help Tuvok as best you can. Get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible."

"Then what?"

Janeway stared at her friend and First Officer, 'I don't know, Commander. But the person has to be punished for this crime. I know the brig isn't the best place to hold someone for the next seventy years…but…?"

"I understand," Chakotay stated as he placed a concerned hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to check out a few things. I'll see you later," Chakotay said as he left.

Janeway rubbed her temples, for she had one hell of a head ache and knew, just knew that things were going to get worse long before they got better.


Tom was pacing in front of his closet. He was upset that Chakotay had cancelled lunch. He knew it had to do with the conversation he and the Captain had had this morning. He had tried contacting the Commander's quarters but he wasn't there. He checked on his location and found he was still working or on ships business. But Tom also knew that Chakotay had also made a habit as of late to visit the bar to do a bit of socializing.

With this in mind, Tom was pacing his closet wonder what he should wear. He had one shot tonight to capture Chakotay's attention. Even if Chakotay was his mate, he was still a bit shy on the matter, and it didn't help that the Captain was turning up the heat against him. // Damn, bitch! She can have anyone on the ship! She just better leave Chakotay alone! // Tom moved and got himself a drink of water to cool his anger.

Then he turned back to his closet. He chose his blue shirt, the one that made his eyes glow, and his tight dark jeans. He wanted Chakotay to know what he was getting. With a grin he got dressed and placed on his boots that rounded off the outfit nicely. He was brushing his hair when his door chimed.

"Enter," Tom said as he walked out to the living room, still brushing his hair.

He was surprised to see Dalby storm in.

"Why Paris? Why did you do it?" he demanded, his eyes fixed with anguish and anger.

Tom looked at the man confused, "Why what?"

"Don't play games with me, Paris. I know you did it! He may have been a big mouth, but he didn't deserve this!" he yelled.

"Kevin, what are you talking about?" Tom asked again, not understanding the situation.

"You son-of-a-bitch! How can you stand there and play innocent. I know you killed John! I may not be able to prove it, but I know you did it!"

Tom was floored. "John's dead?"

Kevin Dalby couldn't take anymore of Tom's innocent routine and jumped him. The two men went crashing down to the ground, but Tom was in control of himself and was easily able to out maneuver the angry man. "Kevin, stop this!" he shouted.

Dalby lunged for Tom again, this time the two of them wrestled on the floor, not taking notice to the door opening.

"Stop this at once!" Came the commanding voice of the First Officer.

Both parties stopped. Dalby shoved Tom away as he got to his feet. Tom followed a few moments and tucked in his shirt.

Chakotay started at the two men. "Just what the hell is going on here?" he asked.

"Kevin's upset," Tom replied, not really wanted to get the other guy in trouble.

Chakotay looked at Dalby, "Why are you attacking Tom?"

Dalby glared at the young pilot then looked away, intent on staying quiet.

"I want answers or no one is leaving here," Chakotay stated.

"Commander…" Tom started, not sure of this situation. "Did something happen to John Carter?"

Chakotay then knew, "Dalby, why would you attack Tom? What reason would Tom have to hurt Carter? The matter in the mess hall…"

Kevin's anger was too much; he couldn't hold it anymore." John was going to file charges of homosexuality against Paris here. John was concerned for your reputation Commander. I believe Paris found out and…killed him!"

Chakotay was stunned. He then took a few deep breaths to keep in control of the situation; "Do you have any proof?" He asked flatly.

Kevin nodded no, "if I did, I'd have given it to Tuvok already," he snapped. "I just know…"

"What you think you know and the truth are two separate things, Lieutenant. I suggest you remember that in the future. Now, under the circumstances, I don't think Lieutenant Paris is going to be pressing charges. If you have any information you deem relevant to the case, give it to Mr. Tuvok and leave things in the hands of those charged with dealing with it, understand?"

"Yes, sir," Kevin replied.

"Kevin," he said in a more understanding tone. "I know John was your friend. But you can't take matters into your hands. John had a big mouth and had a few enemies. You can't assume you know what happened. Go back to your quarters, take the rest of the day off and take the time to grieve, okay?" he said as he placed a supportive arm around the other man and walked him to the door. "If you want to talk, just let me know, okay?"

Dalby just nodded, a few tears falling down his face. "Thanks, Commander," he said softly then left.

After the door closed Chakotay turned to Tom. "Are you okay?"

"Chakotay, I don't know anything about what happened to John. In fact, till Kevin came in here making accusations, I didn't even know anything was wrong," he stated, his concern clear on his face.

"I believe you, Tom. But…"

"But will others," he replied. Tom moved and sat down on his sofa and let out a frustrated breath. "I can't believe this."

Chakotay moved to the replicator and entered his own code in and got two drinks for him and Tom. "Tom, we need to talk," he said as he moved and sat down next to the young man.

Tom took the drink gladly, "yes, yes we do."

"If what Dalby says is true, you will become the prime suspect if Tuvok doesn't find anything else to link to Carter's death."

"Cha, I didn't do it," Tom insisted.

"Tom, I said 'I' believe you. But that won't change the fact that what Kevin said could and will make a good motive for you to have done it. I…I just want to know what you were doing after you got off shift today, okay? Perhaps we can establish that there was no way you could have done it."

"Cha, I was here…waiting for you to get off work," Tom stated, feeling a blush fill his cheeks. He was pleased to see that Chakotay's were a bit red too. "You cancelled lunch. I, I wanted to see if you would then join me for dinner or a drink or something?"

"You were here the entire time, waiting for me?" Chakotay asked a bit in disbelief and flattered.

"Yes. I'm sure the computer can verify that. I kept at it often enough to…" Tom was quiet, he had embarrassed himself enough for one evening.

Chakotay felt a shy smile creep to his face. Tom was pursuing him…openly, just like the Captain said he would do. Then her words returned. "Um, Tom. About…us," he said, feeling far from sure footed in this matter.

Tom slid closer to the big man, "Cha, look me in the eye and tell me you don't feel it. That you don't feel that we belong together and…and I'll back off."

//That's simple, // Chakotay thought, till he looked deep into Tom's blue alluring eyes. It was mere seconds and he was hopelessly lost. "I…I…" he tried to say, but all he really wanted to do was kiss the man before him senseless.

"You can't say it, can you," Tom said, his voice low and husky as he moved closer to Chakotay, leaning in close so their lips were almost touching. "That's because you know. You know you belong to me as I belong to you," he whispered as he then placed a soft kiss on Chakotay's lips.

Tom felt strong arms wrap around him as his mouth was passionately assaulted by the other man. He loved every second of it and wrapped his body around Chakotay's. If things went well, they would both be in the bedroom consummating their relationship again.

Just then the door chimed again. Tom and Chakotay sat back from each other, panting hard. The fact that each wanted the other was clear on their faces. The chime rang again. Chakotay stood up and moved to the replicator to get another drink as Tom wiped his mouth and smoothed his clothes. "Enter," he stated as calmly as he could.

Tuvok stepped in. He raised a brow seeing the Commander was already here. "Lieutenant Paris. I would like to ask you a few questions if I may."

"I already spoke to him," Chakotay said, having reposed himself completely.

"You have become aware of Lt. Carter's intent to file charges against Mr. Paris?" Tuvok asked a bit taken back, since he just learned of this himself.

"Yes. I…I saw Kevin Dalby and we talked. I then talked with Tom here. Though he was alone, he says he was here the entire time and he genuinely appeared to not know about John's death when he was told about it," Chakotay stated evenly.

"Have you checked the computer for tampering?" Tuvok asked, no accusations in his tone.

"Not yet. But I will. John had a lot of people angry with him. I'm sure Tom isn't the only one. Besides, from what Kevin said, Tom had no idea what John was going to do."

Tuvok took all this into consideration. "I will also check the computer to verify Mr. Paris' location. I will also continue on with the other leads in this case." He then turned to Tom, "I still may wish to speak with you on this matter later," he stated.

"Of course," Tom said easily.

Tuvok stood there a moment then gave a nod then exited the room.

Tom got up and moved to Chakotay, "Wow, I'm impressed. You were so flustered a moment ago, I thought for sure, Tuvok would be able to figure what we were doing in here," Tom grinned.

"And have you in more trouble? I don't think so," Chakotay stated, his dark eyes narrowing toward Tom. Then without a word he dropped the glass and grabbed Tom into his arms and they resumed the deep kiss. Then after a few minutes and the need for air, the kiss was broken and both men were once again panting heavily.

Tom looked deep into Chakotay's dark smoky eyes, the desire was pure and Tom wanted it all. "Take me," he whispered.

Chakotay was just about to grab Tom up when his com badge beeped.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

Tom saw the struggle on his mate's face, and knew he had to help him, for he felt the same way. He pushed Chakotay away, slowly and then moved behind him and rubbed his shoulders to help the older man breathe and relax.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

"Yes, Captain." Chakotay said, he breathing now under control.

"I'd like a full report on what you and Mr. Tuvok has discovered in this matter in my ready room in thirty minutes."

"Aye, Captain," Chakotay said, then closed the channel. His eyes went back to the beautiful blond still rubbing his shoulders helping him to relax. "Later?" he asked hopefully.

"Always," Tom replied, indicating that he was willing to give himself whenever the older man wanted him. The two shared a quick kiss and Chakotay left.

Tom moved to the sofa feeling good. He sank on the sofa, //he knows he's mine, // he smiled to himself feeling satisfied. Then his thoughts turned to John Carter. //I wonder what really did happen to him? //


The three officer's sat in the Captain's ready room going over the evidence in regards to the murder of Lt. John Carter.

"You checked the computer?" Janeway asked.

"Yes. I and Commander Chakotay both verified that the computer was not tampered with. Mr. Paris was in his quarters the entire time as he has stated. The last person to see Lt. Carter alive was Mr. Dalby and I find no evidence or motive for him to have committed such an act against his friend," Tuvok stated.

"So, where does that leave us?" she asked, not happy with the way things were going.

"I'm afraid no where," Chakotay said. "There is no evidence. There is no real motive, for as I have explained, there was no way for Tom to have known about what Carter was planning so there could not be any retaliation. There are no other leads at the moment. I hate to say this, Kathryn. But we could have another Suder on board."

Janeway shivered at the thought of another mad man running loose. "I sure as hell hope not. Well, rule out all the obvious and whatever is left…"

"Has to be the answer," Chakotay finished for her with a smile. He saw that Tuvok didn't get it. "Sherlock Holmes. Scotland Yards greatest Detectives."

"I am familiar with Sir Conan Doyle's writings. But since Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, one can not contribute that he was Scotland Yards greatest Detective."

"Flawless as usual, Mr. Tuvok," Janeway said with a small smile. Then sat back in her chair, "But what is elementary here, gentlemen is that we have a murder on board Voyager. I want them found. And let's hope this is an isolated incident."

After a bit more conversation, Janeway dismissed them, but asked Chakotay to stay a moment. She got another cup of coffee and some tea for her friend. "Commander, I know you have a lot on your plate as it is. But I wanted to ask, have you handled…this thing with Tom?"

Chakotay took his tea with ease, "Not to worry, Kathryn. Tom and I have come to an understanding on the matter," he smiled.

Janeway sat down relaxed. "Good. For a moment there I was concerned I would have to play the heavy. I may not agree with the regulations, but I can't just keep snipping off regulations just because I don't like them."

"Why not?" Chakotay asked, his manner calm. "We're possibly out here for the next seventy years. The restraint people could live with back home and now are drastically different. It is…unfair and wrong to expect them to hold up to them. Take you and me for an example. Do you really expect to live the next seventy years…alone? I don't know about you, but I do want to have a family some day, Kathryn."

Janeway sat up, taken a bit, but not surprised of Chakotay's point of view. "It's not like I want to be alone…it's…it's regulations. It's all we have keeping us together out here in the middle of no where."

"That's right. The middle of no where. We have had to adapt to many things, Kathryn. Perhaps one of the things that need to be adapted is the regulations in regards to relationships. Kathryn, seventy years…"

"We could find a way home tomorrow," she replied.

"Or not."

"I understand where you're coming from. But…" she sat back and sipped her coffee. "I can't just go around changing regulations. At least not over night. It's too soon," she added.

"Too soon for what?"

"To admit that we really will be out here that long," she said softly.

"I see," Chakotay replied softly. Then after finishing his tea. "Kathryn, the flow of change is already upon us. Either we change with it or we get bowled over. The choice is ours," he said as he stood to leave. "Good night, Captain."

"Good night, Commander," she said. Then she continued to sit on the sofa, thinking about all that has happened and what the future will bring.

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