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C/P Season Two Slashy Scenes


In this very heartbreaking episode, we have several scenes with Chakotay and Paris. Nothing major, but worthy of note. Of course, they'd be more easily explained if you could actually *see* the scenes, since much of it has to do with the looks they share.

In the first scene, Paris is already on the bridge when Neelix and Chakotay enter. He appears to be deep in thought, but turns around to look at Chakotay as he enters. Chakotay approaches Paris and puts a hand on his arm as he says, "Mr. Paris, set a new course. Bring us out from behind the moon and establish a standard orbit around the planet.. slowly.. we don't want to look aggresive." He says this as he stands very close to Paris and looks at him in a peculiar way. One that looked like intense attraction. As if the two of them shared a secret.

In the second scene, Harry, Neelix, Chakotay and Tom are huddled around, trying to figure out a way to locate the away team, who've been imprisoned by the Mokra. As they each give their ideas, Tom and Chakotay seem to share more looks. Tom looks at no one but Chakotay in this scene, aside from a brief glance at Neelix as he's speaking.

In the third and last scene, Harry notices some disruption in the shields around the prison. He tells Chakotay that they can transport, but the Mokra will know it. Paris approaches, saying that it sounds like they have other things to worry about. "That disruption might not be accidental. Someone in there might be trying to get out." Chakotay looks at Tom intensely, "That's a big assumption." Tom wants to take advantage of the opportunity and go after the away team. Chakotay tells him, "In about 30 seconds, the Mokra are going to open fire. I don't know how long we'll be able to wait for you." Again, he and Tom look at each other intensely. "Understood." Tom responds, and walks off. After he's gone, Harry looks at Chakotay a bit strangely.


Well, I thought this episode was going to be devoid of subtext, but I was wrong. There is one nice C/P scene. Tuvok, Chakotay, Janeway, Paris, and Kim are discussing ways to rescue B'Elanna from the robots who've kidnapped her to help them multiply. Tuvok: "It would be advisable to create a diversion of some sort, to take their attention away from the shuttle."

Chakotay: "Attack them again?"

Janeway: "I don't want to risk that a second time."

Paris: "I don't need a diversion. Just give me a chance, I'll get her out of there."

Chakotay: "You don't mind if the rest of us give you a little help, do you Paris? I'd hate to lose another shuttle." He stares at Tom with a small smirk

Paris: "Your concern for my welfare is heartwarming."

During the entire scene, they share half-smiles and lots of looks at each other.


There was one especially nice C/P scene in this episode. This one scene was pretty direct in how Chakotay felt about Tom, and I can't believe I never noticed before!

Tom, Harry and B'Elanna were working on reaching Warp 10, which, until that point, was considered impossible. Well, they finally reached it, with a little inspiration from Neelix, and then showed the Captain, Chakotay, and Tuvok the tape from their successful simulation. During the entire staff meeting, Chakotay kept stealing looks at Tom, and his chair was actually facing Tom's the entire time.

When Tom makes his first in-shuttle test flight, something goes wrong. Voyager loses him, as they hear him faintly saying "Oh my God.." During this entire time, Chakotay looks very worried. Harry tells the crew, "Captain, he just disappeared off sensors." Chakotay responds urgently, "Increase sensor gain to maximum!" But Harry tells them, "I can't find him. He's gone.." Chakotay reacts to this news by standing up from his chair and looking very worried.

When Tom's shuttle finally reappears, they find that his life signs are very weak, and he's sent directly to sick bay. Janeway tells Chakotay, "Commander, bring the shuttle aboard. I'll be in sick bay." Chakotay looks very upset, and says quietly and somberly, "Aye, Captain."

Unfortunately, the writers missed the boat on the rest of the episode, as they filled the rest of the scenes of Tom in sick bay with Janeway, Kes, B'Elanna and The Doctor. No Chakotay, and no Harry for that matter. I find that hard to believe, since Harry is Tom's closest friend. Oh well, it was still good for the few Chakotay/Paris scenes.

The next time we even see Chakotay is when The Doctor is giving he, Janeway and B'Elanna instructions for destroying Tom's mutant DNA to force his original DNA to remap itself. He still seems worried, but this is the extent of the C/P we get from this point on.

Unfortunately, the mutated Paris escapes from engineering when they're trying to restore his original DNA. Chakotay paces on the bridge as he listens to reports of what's going on. Janeway is attacked by Paris in one of the turbolifts, and then he escapes with her in a shuttle. Chakotay gives the order to lock onto him with a tractor beam, but it doesn't work. It's offline. Meanwhile, Paris goes to warp in the shuttle, and Voyager follows. Paris reaches warp 9.97 in the shuttle, and Chakotay gives the order to continue following, but the computer gives a warning that they can't continue. Chakotay then gives the order to reduce speed to warp 9.95, and that's when they lose Paris

It takes 3 days before Voyager is able to locate the shuttle. They find it on an uninhabited planet, and Chakotay and Tuvok beam down. They find some odd looking creatures that have already produced offspring. This of course turns out to be Janeway and Paris. They're returned to the ship, and their original DNA sequence is restored, so they're back to their original appearances. Their offspring were left on the planet.


In this episode, Chakotay gets wise to what's going on at Sandrine's and Tom's gambling operation. He comes in to break up the announcement of the winner. This of course gives the C/P fans some fodder, as we see once again the way these two crackle with tension when they're around one another.

Tom: "Oh, come on Chakotay. We were just having a little fun. The recreational facilities of the Delta Quadrant being what they are."

Chakotay: "I've heard you're responsible for this, Lieutenant."

Tom: "I didn't think Starfleet would have a problem with it."

Chakotay: "With a Senior officer running a gambling operation, and skimming profits from each day's proceeds? Now, why would Starfleet have a problem with that? Since you all seem to have extra replicator rations, you won't be needing these. Today's pot is hereby confiscated. The Captain's put a lot of faith in you, Mr. Paris. She'll be disappointed. You're on report."

Tom: "Now there's a tough job. Filling out reports. But, somebody's gotta do it."

After Chakotay leaves, Harry walks by Tom, annoyed, and says, "Thanks a lot."


In this episode, the Holodoc falls in love for the first time, with a Vidiian female he's treating for the Phage. What does this have to do with any slash pairs? Well, there are a couple of good C/P scenes, leading up to the next episode, Investigations.

In the first scene, Tom arrives late for his duty shift on the bridge. Chakotay is very annoyed.

Chakotay: "This is the third time you've been late this week, Mr. Paris."

Tom: "It won't happen again."

There is a scene between the other two C/P scenes where Chakotay talks to Janeway about Tom's "unprofessional" attitude. He wants Janeway to get involved before he figures out what to do, because Paris has been Janeway's "personal reclamation project." Sounds like kind of a lame excuse to me. It sounds more like Chakotay just doesn't want to be the one to come down on Tom. Um, that sounded kind of bad. Anyway, Janeway tells him that she appreciates him bringing the problem to her attention, but she trusts him to "handle the problem any way he sees fit." Hmmm..

In the second C/P scene, Chakotay approaches Tom in the Mess Hall.

Chakotay: "Mind if I join you?"

Tom: Motions to an empty seat next to him, but doesn't speak

Chakotay: "So how are things, Tom?"

Tom: "Excuse me?"

Chakotay: "How have you been feeling lately? Is something bothering you?"

Tom: Scoffs, then laughs "Oh, no offense Commander, but why the sudden concern for my feelings?"

Chakotay: "Well, you've been moody lately, indifferent to your duties. To be honest, you don't seem to be taking your job very seriously. If you've got a problem, I'd like to know what it is."

Tom: "Yeah, I've got a problem. My problem is you."

Chakotay: "You care to elaborate?"

Tom: "You tell me I don't take my job seriously. But half the time, you don't let me do my job."

Chakotay: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Tom: "It means that you don't trust my judgment. You don't allow me to take initiative. Remember last week? I suggested that we might save time by traveling through that emissions nebula, but what did you say? 'Oh no, that's not the way we do things on this ship'."

Chakotay: "Look, sometimes, I'm not going to agree with your suggestions. But making decisions is part of being a leader. Maybe someday you'll understand that."

Tom: "Being a leader also means knowing when to give your people a little leeway and let them be creative. We might as well put this ship on autopilot for all the freedom you give me to do my job."

Chakotay: "I didn't come here for a lecture from you in how to do my job."

Tom: "Yeah, well, I know you don't put much stock in my opinion. So maybe you should talk to some of these people. Because I'm not the only one around here who's got a problem with you. Now.. if there's nothing else.. Sir.. I'd like to be excused."

Chakotay: "Sure, Paris. You're excused."

In the third scene, the Chakotay/Paris confrontations come to a head on the bridge.

Tom: "Sorry I'm late."

Chakotay: "That's all right, Mr. Paris. We don't need you. Mr. Grimes has taken your place at conn."

Tom: "But it's my ship."

Chakotay: "Not today it isn't."

Tom: "What, because I was 10 minutes late?"

Chakotay: "That's right."

Tom: "Captain.."

Janeway: "Don't look at me, Mr. Paris. Commander Chakotay has complete discretion in this matter."

Tom: "So, when should I report back for duty?"

Chakotay: "When you decide to start taking your job seriously. But right now, you're dismissed." Begins leading Tom away by the arm

Tom: Jerking his arm away "Get your hands off me!" He shoves Chakotay to the floor

Chakotay stands and he and Tom have a glaring contest

Janeway: "Mr. Tuvok."

Tuvok: "Yes, Captain?"

Janeway: "Please escort Mr. Paris to the brig."

Tom looks regretful as Tuvok leads him away, and Harry looks stunned in the background


I've always heard of this episode as being the Chakotay/Paris episode, and I have seen it many times, but never really noticed anything. Then, when it was time for me to review it for this site, I thought, Okay, let me see what all the fuss is about. I must be missing something. But I have to say, it took me two more viewings to even 'get it'. I hope I finally managed to catch everything. If anyone has any other comments to add to this episode (or any other I've posted, for that matter), please, send them on.

In this episode, Neelix begins broadcasting a show called A Briefing With Neelix to the entire ship, and everyone on board seems to be enjoying it. Harry, however, gives Neelix some advice, telling him that he should add more "meat and potatoes" to the material, and less "dessert". He suggests Neelix should become more journalistic in his show, and Neelix takes his advice to heart. Before long, Neelix finds out that Tom Paris has requested transfer to a Talaxian Convoy ship, because he feels that he doesn't belong on Voyager. Neelix tries to talk Tom out of it, but Tom seems to have his mind made up.

Tom: "I've done this to myself, just like always. No matter where I go, or who I'm with, I make a mess of things. The unmistakable conclusion has to be, that deep down, I don't want any friends, or a family, or a home, otherwise I wouldn't keep sabotaging the possibilities."

Neelix: "I thought you found those things here!"

Tom: "I tried. Or maybe I just told myself I was trying. I'm not sure. Either way, it's just not working."

On the next Briefing, Neelix broadcasts a tribute to Tom, and Chakotay is shown watching it. He has a look on his face of regret, like maybe he'd missed his chance with Tom.

When it's finally time for Tom to leave, Harry seems very upset. As they say their goodbyes in the transporter room, Tom holds out his hand for Harry to shake, but Harry grabs him in a tight hug instead. Tom then gives Harry his commbadge to keep. After Tom is transported off the ship, Harry looks at Kes and Neelix, who are standing next to him, and he again looks very sad.

In the next scene, the crew is at a briefing, and Chakotay asks the Captain if she's considered anyone to replace Paris. She says that she has, and then Harry speaks up.

Harry: "Captain, do you think.. I mean, it's possible.. Tom might change his mind, to come back. Maybe you shouldn't replace him so quickly."

Janeway: "Harry, Lieutenant Paris made his decision with no indication that he had any doubts about it. Or that he might change his mind in the near future. We have to accept that, and move on."

After she says this, Harry looks very sad again, and almost as if he's going to cry. This was a very touching scene, and well acted by Garrett. I could feel his emotion for Tom in this one.

Voyager is soon contacted by Neelix's friend Laxeth, from the Talaxian Convoy. He informs them that Tom has been kidnapped by the Kazon Nistrim, and Chakotay's expression at this point is a bit questionable (sort of shocked, sort of worried).

Neelix becomes suspicious of the way Tom was kidnapped, as if the Kazon knew he was there, so he begins to look into all the subspace communications that have taken place over the last month. He finds gaps in the information and begins questioning Tuvok about them. He tries to convince Tuvok that the gaps were suspect, as all the other logs were intact, with no gaps. Tuvok agrees to pursue the matter.

Meanwhile, against Tuvok's wishes, Neelix continues to look into the missing data on his own. He finds evidence that Tom Paris was the one who sent the secret communications with the Kazon. At this point, Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok call Neelix in to have a discussion. Chakotay is confused about what has been going on, and Janeway finally confesses that Tom is not a spy, and that she and Tuvok had a plan to flush out the real spy, and they decided to use Tom to do it by getting him on the Kazon ship. Chakotay seems dumbfounded, and a bit angry.

Chakotay: "Are you saying Paris' insulting behavior.. the gambling, being late for duty, mouthing off at me.. was all a ruse?"

Tuvok: "That is correct. It was important that his decision to leave the ship appear plausible, so he began behaving like a malcontent."

Chakotay: "And the reason I wasn't let in on this little plan?"

Tuvok: "I was the one who recommended to Captain Janeway that you not be told. I suspected that the spy was a Maquis, and I felt it was wrong to put you in the position of setting a trap for someone who had once served under you."

Chakotay: "In other words, you didn't trust me."

Janeway: "Commander, the simple fact is, we needed a good performance. I'm afraid we used you to help Tom provide it. And you did a damn good job."

After Tom manages to escape the Kazon ship and command a shuttle back to Voyager, he appears on Neelix's show, with some apologies to certain parties.

Tom: "Um, I know that I've been acting like a jerk for the last couple of months. Unfortunately, I had to behave that way if the spy was going to believe that I really wanted to leave the ship. So, I'd like to apoligize to anyone that I might have offended. Uh, especially Commander Chakotay. I gave him a pretty hard time. Not that it wasn't a certain amount of fun, mind you.."


No real subtext in this one, other than a few looks shared. Chakotay gazes at Tom as he worries about Samantha Wildman's delivery of her baby, and they are standing together in another shot. The photos can be viewed here


When Janeway and Chakotay contract a rare virus that leaves them stranded on a small planet, Janeway tells the crew to go on without them, and she puts Tuvok in charge. The crew then have a meeting about her decision. The crew wants to stay and try to come up with a solution, and Tom is very upset during this meeting.

Tuvok: "They have a Type 9 shuttlecraft at their disposal if it becomes possible to leave the planet."

Tom: "Type 9 shuttlecraft has a top speed of Warp 4. It won't take them more than, oh, about 700 years to get home."

Tuvok: "I am not certain what it is you expect me to do, Lieutenant."

Tom: "I guess, clearly something you can't do, which is to feel as rotten about this as we do."

False Profits

Although there were no specific 'subtext moments' in this episode, Chakotay and Tom were together a whole lot in this one, and they shared many looks and touches, so it had to be included. There are twenty-something photos of the episode, including many of the looks, here

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