CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

C/P Season Three Slashy Scenes


There's some C/P stuff in this one, but nothing concrete. Just some nice shots of them close together when they're trying to retrieve the shuttle that Kes and the Ilaris have stolen.

The Q & The Grey

Although this episode doesn't have any *particular* scenes of subtext, I have included it simply because there were a few 'looks' between Chakotay and Paris, and they were in various scenes together. Also because they looked so good in their 'civil war' uniforms as they fought side by side.

Worst Case Scenario

This episode has some pretty obvious C/P slashy stuff!

Chakotay: Where you headed?

Paris: The bridge.

Chakotay: Mind if I walk with you?

Paris: I was kind of hoping you would.

I realize that this was all a part of Paris wanting to see what the holonovel was all about, but still.. the mind wanders. ;)

And since we're letting our imaginations roam..

Paris: I just want you to know that whatever happens I'm with you.

Chakotay: *looks at him intensely* Computer, resume turbolift.

Paris: I'm serious. Just tell me what you want me to do.

After Paris has made his decision regarding the.. events that take place..

Chakotay: I guess you've made your choice.

*they look at each other intensely again*

Paris: It's not over yet, Chakotay.

Later, after Chakotay talks to Janeway and the other Paris and destroys their shuttle, he takes Tom with him into the turbolift, and Tom looks at him with what looks like admiration. He even looks him up and down briefly. Otherwise, they share no words.

Jeez, as intense as these two are with each other, you can almost smell the um, tension.. And *even* though Chakotay isn't "real" in all these exchanges, this is exactly the way these two always act around each other, and besides, Paris *was* real and his reactions were his own.

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