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Chakotay is taken hostage unknowingly by the Vori, and trained to fight in a war he has nothing to do with. When Tom finds out what kind of trouble Chakotay is in, he insists on leading a team to rescue him. His pleas to do so are urgent. It's clear he's only thinking of Chakotay at that time. "I should've gone with him." He says to no one in particular. Then, "Captain, let me lead a team down there and bring him back." Janeway replies, "I understand how you feel, Tom, but let's take it one step at a time."

Another thing that struck me was the way the men that Chakotay was fighting with seemed very fascinated by him. In particular, he struck up a friendship with "Rafin", and there seemed to be an almost immediate bond between the two of them. When "Rafin" met with his fate, Chakotay seemed very affected.

Later, when Tom and Tuvok discuss the situation with the captain, Tom is upset that Tuvok keeps saying that Chakotay could be dead. Janeway tells them, "I want a team on the surface as soon as possible." Tom seems very eager, "I was hoping you'd say that. Tuvok, let's get moving." Tuvok brings that plan down by saying that according to his analysis, an away team would sustain heavy casualties. Tom seems very bothered by this, "Are you saying we should just abandon Chakotay?"

Tuvok goes on to say that the best course of action would be for a single crew member to go down to the planet, accompanied by a commando unit. Tom says, "Fine with me, when do I leave?" Unfortunately, Tuvok insists on being the one to take on the mission, as he is the "logical" one to do it, so we don't get to see Tom charging off to rescue Chakotay. :( Tom is pretty annoyed by this, saying, "Naturally".

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Tom saves a pilot of an experimental type ship, and is anxious to help with repairs. He enters Chakotay's room and asks for a reassignment. Chakotay denies him at first, saying that he didn't even show up for the doctor in Sick Bay earlier that day. Chakotay then asks Tom if anything is wrong, or if anything is bothering him. Tom gets a little defensive at his insinuation, but Chakotay is nonplussed. He tells Tom that he's showing up for his shifts, but he seems preoccupied, as if something is on his mind. Tom says, "Like I said, I think I need a change of pace." Chakotay tells him, "You're a different man than the one that came on board four years ago." Chakotay finally gives in and allows Tom to assist with repairs.

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