CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

C/P Season Six Slashy Scenes


Chakotay: "30 meters of EPS conduit, a broadband sensor matrix, a tactical data module? Tom, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I can't spare these parts right now."
Tom: "They're just lying around cargo bay two."
Chakotay: "Those are emergency supplies. And this isn't an emergency."
Tom: "Okay, what if I just replicated some?"
Chakotay: "That takes energy, which isn't exactly in abundance at the moment. Maybe in a few weeks, if we can replinish our power reserves."
Tom: "A few weeks? What am I supposed to do until then?"
Chakotay: "Your duties, which you've been neglecting. You've been late for two shifts in sick bay, you've been distracted on the bridge. Maybe it's time you gave this project a rest." Tom: "You're right. I guess I have been overdoing it."
Chakotay: "You look run down. Maybe you should stop by sick bay and have the Doctor take a look at you."
Tom: "No, I'm fine. I just haven't been getting enough sleep."
Chakotay: "Well, your next shift isn't until 0700. Why don't you do yourself a favor and turn in early?"
Tom: "Yeah, good idea."
Chakotay: "One more thing. I'd appreciate it if you'd shave and change back into your uniform. We do have protocols."
Tom: "Yes, sir."
Chakotay: "We'll get your Alice flying. Just give it some time."

One Small Step

Chakotay and Tom are watching video from the Ares Four mission. They watch, until the video ends with static, as the module was in trouble. Here we have our first C/P scene.

Tom: "That's all she wrote."
Chakotay: "NASA received Kelly's last telemetry at 0922 hours. October 19, 2032."
Tom: "I thought I was the Mars buff. You seem to know more about the Ares Four than I do."
Chakotay: "The Mars missions paved the way for the exploration of space. Kelly was one of my childhood heroes."
Tom: "Yeah.. mine too."
Chakotay: "That's dedication. The man's life is about to end, but he won't stop taking readings."
Tom: "Makes you wonder if those old-timers were made of sterner stuff than we are."
Chakotay: "You think we have it easy?"
Tom: "Are you kidding? Warp drive, shields, transporters. We're traveling in the lap of luxury."
Chakotay: "Kelly and Kumagawa. Armstrong and Glenn. They were the real pioneers."

In the next C/P scene, Chakotay is injured after the anomaly collides with an asteroid while the Delta Flyer is still inside. Tom takes care of him.

Tom: "Easy.. Easy, lie still."
Chakotay: "I feel like I went 10 rounds with an Andorian."
Tom: "More like 20. You were hit with a plasma discharge. The gravimetric surge from the asteroid caught us at the edge of the anomaly, tossed us back inside."
Chakotay: "The command module?"
Tom: "It's adrift. 300 meters off our port bow."
Chakotay: "Then we can still salvage it."
Tom: "Not so fast! We can't get shields or engines back online, not to mention a tractor beam. We'll be lucky to get out of this in one piece."
Chakotay: "I can help!"
Tom: "You're in worse shape than this ship. You want to help? Lie in the bed, doctor's orders."

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