CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

Title: Just a Pinch of Spice
Author: Christine
Series: VOY
Part: 1/1
Rating: [R]
Codes: C/P

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Author's Note: Hello one and all! I have had many people ask for a C/P story. So here it is. As with all my stories, this one is funny and stupid. I simply cannot write anything else. I know, I've tried. Oh it also has a smidgen of BDSM in it. Let me know how ya'll liked or didn't like it. Enjoy!

Summary: Chakotay decides to try something new, but Tom isn't as open minded.

"Um, Chakotay?"


"What are you doing?" Paris asked as he walked into their bedroom. He had gotten off duty early today and had decided to spend some quality time with his husband. Walking into their quarters, he had heard a peculiar sound coming from their bedroom. So he had decided to investigate it.

Not looking up from what he was doing, "I'm putting eyebolts into the bed frame," Chakotay replied continuing with his task.

Raising a speculative eyebrow, "Er, why?" Tom asked walking over to his spouse.

"You'll know soon enough," Chakotay said still hunched over the bed.

Suddenly finding his throat dry, Tom sat down on the edge of the bed. "Should I be concerned?"

Desperately trying to stifle his giggles, he looked up from what he was working on and gave his spouse a huge grin. "I dunno, should you?"

"Knowing you, yeah," Tom replied. Giving up trying to get a decent answer from Chakotay, he got up off the bed and walked out of the bedroom. Leaving the bedroom, he walked over to the replicator and asked for a glass of water. After it materialized, he grabbed it and took a swallow. Wondering what Chakotay had in mind for him, Tom began to pace.

//Finally finished,// Chakotay thought to himself as he rifled through the nightstand looking for the other devices of torture he was planning on using. Setting everything onto the bed, he walked over to the closet to get out the outfit he had planned for Tom to wear. Neither of them had ever done anything like this before. But Chakotay had wanted to try something new to liven up their sex life.

Having changed himself, Chakotay called out to his husband to join him in the bedroom. Hearing his name called, Tom nervously walked back into the bedroom. He couldn't help the giggles that came out when he saw what Chakotay was dressed in. "Aw, Chakotay? What the hell is that you're wearing?" Tom asked curiously.

Looking down at himself than at Tom, "It's a dominatrix outfit."

"Say what?" Tom asked raising an eyebrow. Chakotay was wearing a latex body suit. It had silver blunt spikes all over, with some silver chains hanging off. There was a zipper over his crotch. He was wearing a collar with the word 'Master' scrolled over it in silver lettering and he was holding a riding crop in his hands.

Gulping down nonexistent spittle, Tom began to back away, heading for the door. Seeing this, Chakotay hurriedly walked over to Tom, grabbing him by the arm. "Tsk tsk, Tom. Now where do you think you're going?"

"Umm? N-no wh-where," Tom replied as he was being dragged over to the bed. Looking down towards the bed, he saw an array of strange devices. //Oh. My. God.// he thought to himself, while staring at the objects.

Grinning broadly, "Good. I also have something for you to wear," Chakotay said as he turned to retrieve the outfit. Seeing his chance, Tom bolted for the door. When Chakotay turned back towards where Tom used to be standing, all he saw was thin air. //The little shit,// Chakotay laughed.

Running out of their quarters, Tom frantically tried to find a hiding place. He ran towards the turbolift, jumping up and down nervously, willing the damn thing to hurry the hell up. Right as the 'lift doors were opening, Chakotay was walking out of their quarters. Chakotay had thrown on a robe to hide his outfit, since he hadn't had time to change.

Seeing him, Tom ran into the 'lift, "Deck 6!" He cried. The 'lift took off towards it's destination. When it had finally stopped, he sprinted out, heading towards B'Elanna's quarters. Unbeknownst to him, Chakotay had just contacted her. B'Elanna knew exactly who was at her door when she told Tom to enter.

Tom walked into B'Elanna's quarters, "B'Ela, you've got to help me!" He frantically cried. Desperately trying to keep a straight face she walked over to him, "Calm down, Tom. Now tell me what's wrong."

"B'Ela,he'sgonemad!" Tom explained, talking at warp speed.

Holding up her hands, "Slow down, I can't understand you."

Catching his breath, "He's gone mad I tell you, mad!" He began pacing around the room, "He's wearing some strange outfit and there were weird devices scattered all over the bed."

"Uh, huh," she said as she sat down on the sofa. //This is going to be fun,// she mused as she continued to watch Tom pace around the room.

"You've gotta help me get away from him!" He yelled. Suddenly the door chimed. Tom stopped his pacing as he heard B'Elanna say, "Enter."

Tom almost fainted when he saw who had walked through the door. "B'Elanna! How could you?" He asked when he saw the huge grin plastered on her face. "Hey, he offered me a month's worth of replicator rations if I helped him. How could I resist?"

Backing away from both of them, "I thought you were my friend," Tom cried from behind the chair he had passed by.

Sighing, "I am your friend, Tom. But the look on your face was worth it," she said smiling.

Chakotay continued advancing on Tom, until he had backed him up into a corner. "Come along, Tom. We have some unfinished business to take care of."

Tom tried ducking out of reach, but Chakotay was faster. He grabbed ahold of Tom and lifted him up over his shoulder. He headed towards the door, turning briefly to B'Elanna, "Thanks. I'll have the rations forwarded to your account tomorrow."

Grinning madly, "No problem."

Chakotay smiled and turned back towards the door. Tom began to squirm and Chakotay smacked his ass to quiet him. Deciding to save himself further embarrassment, Tom quit moving. Chakotay happily walked over to the turbolift. When it arrived, he walked into it and called for their deck.

Walking out of the 'lift, Chakotay carried Tom all the way towards their quarters. Upon entering them, he headed straight for the bedroom. Not letting Tom go, he grabbed the handcuffs from the bed. Putting Tom down, he took one of the cuffs and shackled it onto Tom's wrist. Pushing his husband down onto the bed, he locked his wrist into the eyebolt that was drilled into the headboard. He than proceeded to do the same to Tom's other wrist.

"Why are you doing this?" Tom asked trying his damnedest to wriggle free.

"Well, if you had let me explain before taking off, I would have told you."

Continuing his struggles, Tom glared at Chakotay. Ignoring the murderous look his spouse was giving him, "I had wanted to try something new. I read up on this and thought we could give it a chance."

When Tom didn't say anything, Chakotay leaned over and gave his husband a loving kiss. //That did it,// He mused to himself as Tom relaxed a bit and smiled. "Believe me, Tom. This can be a very pleasurable experience."

Tom moaned for more attention by puckering his lips and making kissing noises. Chuckling, Chakotay happily obliged. He than called for the lights to turn off.

All you could hear in the bedroom was rattling chains, very noisy kissing sounds, loud moans and gasps, and clothes being shed.


The End.

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