CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

Author: Jeanette Kofoed
Codes: CP, VOY.
Series: Part 15 of the Thoughts series: "The Seduction of Paris", "Harry", "A Gift for a Soul Mate", "My Beauty", "Tom's Gift", "Chakotay's Gift", "Pain", "Bruises" and "Harry, Chakotay and Dimples", "He is Mine", "Seeking Help", "Steps", "One Down" and "The Darkness Around Us"
Rating: NC-17, m/m sex
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Dedicated: To Robin, who I am for ever grateful too for betaing this entire series for me, and to Mel and Elli.

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Thoughts 15 ::: Revenge is sweet :::

I don't know how I manage to tell Janeway and Tuvok about my suspicion; my thoughts are all jumbled and unfocused. The only thing standing clearly in my head is that I must find Tom.

I watch them, mostly Janeway, as the information sinks in. Then Tuvok raises his eyebrow, the way he typically does, and starts talking unemotionally. "I must confess I suspected Ensign Baastor at one point." My head snaps up and I look angrily at him. He just continues, "however it was clear that he was in love with you, and I would not have believed that a person could grow this violent over a simple matter such as love."

I look at him in disbelief; love is far from simple. Before I get any further in my thoughts, Janeway speaks up, "Tuvok, you are aware that a suspect should be questioned and put on report for further investigations. Why haven't I seen any of this?"

Janeway looks pissed as hell, but Tuvok doesn’t even flinch. "Captain, there were at least three attackers, and Baastor is a man with many friends. I looked for people who had a hostile relationship with Ensign Paris. Since many have voiced their dislike for him, I wasn't expecting it to be a lover’s quarrel..." I never let Tuvok finish that sentence as I punched him hard in the face, clearly hearing his nose break. I stomped out of sickbay too angry to look back--too hurt and feeling too much guilt. It's all because of me!

I had just rounded the corridor, when I ran into Ayala. A sudden feeling of hope sprang to life in me, and after explaining the situation to him, he walked in the opposite direction as me to get a few Maquis friends. If Baastor was going to play tough, he was going to get it rough.

I heard Janeway's voice over the internal comm links stating the situation with Tom, as a background noise in my head. I kept thinking about Tom, thinking about Baastor, where would he bring my lover? Baastor had never been stupid, and it showed now as I searched for Tom, as we all searched for Tom. Somehow he had tapped into the main system and deleted his and Tom's presence on the ship. The rings! The rings were made of a special material, and Tom was hopefully still wearing his.

"Computer, search for a small amount of Lrebion stone." I waited while the computer finished the scans. I hoped, I prayed. Prayed that Tom would survive this time too. He deserved to live a long, happy life, in safety with love, companionship, and perhaps with children.

"Lrebion stone can be found on Deck 5, Storage room 28." I started running, not even thinking about calling for back up. The stupid imbecile was mine, and I would show him what happened when someone hurt my precious Tom. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Laughter, menacing laughter. Deep and howling, filled with hatred and insanity. It was what greeted me as I reached the door. I hesitated for a second, fearing what I would find, clearly remembering Tom’s battered and bruised face from last time. Thinking of that only made my burning anger grow a hot and searing white. I am going to kill him; I swear...the door opened.

On the floor deathly pale Tom lay, above him the hideous monster Fred Baastor stood. Without thinking much, I practically jumped on him, spinning him around and turning his twisted face to face mine.

It was twisted in happiness...happiness. He was laughing, and looked at me smiling. Oh I am going to wipe that smile off his face, I thought, as I roughly slammed him up against the wall.

"You sick bastard, I'll kill you," I growled as harshly as I could.

He didn't even flinch. He just spoke, "But Chakotay, I love you. This is for you. See, he won't bother us again. We can be together for-..." I didn't want to hear anymore. What I had heard so far made me lose my control.

I slammed his head into the wall, fastening my hand harder around his throat and started choking him, enjoying seeing him struggle for life.

"So what do you think now, me being in control? Me slowly beating the life out of you, as you did to Tom?" I gave him no opportunity to answer, and I slammed his head hard against the wall again, hearing a sickening crunch. He slumped to the floor, and I practically ran to Tom.

"Tom, sweetie...please don't die," I begged, quickly snatching off my own commbadge and planting it on him. "Transporter room. Lock on to my signal and transport one to sickbay." I gave his deadly pale face a kiss before the transporter light enveloped him and took him away.

I stood there rooted to the spot where Tom had laid merely seconds ago. Every memory of him laying on the biobed over a month ago came crashing down on me. Bruised and battered, covered in blood. This time though it wasn't blood that had covered him, it was a deadly paleness. I looked to my right and saw the hypospray. Anger, guilt, sorrow. Millions of other emotions welled up, and I needed to get them out. I turned around to see the slowly awaking body of Baastor, a glimmer of satisfaction arose in me. He's going to pay.

I walk over to him, picking him up by his collar. He has that annoying smile on again and my hard fist connecting with it, doesn't wipe it away.

"Chakotay, please understand..." he breathes out before I kick him hard in his guts. A strangled scream escapes his lips, but the smile is still there. He thinks he has won. He thinks Tom is dead. For his sake, I hope not.

With a satisfying smile, I see that my last punch was rewarded with a broken nose. My smile widens even more as I think about how many bones I can break before I kill him. Fingers and toes are a good place to start.

Within two minutes, I have him begging not to break the last finger. It snaps with a lovely crunching sound. He should just have known better than to hurt my Tom. He rolls around on the floor, whimpering in pain. I only smile at the result of the first phase of my torture and kick him in his ribs, satisfied yet again to hear and feel the sensation of bones breaking.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder and I look up; it's Ayala. "Let me finish up Chakotay. You need to be with Tom. He needs you." I see a glimmer of something in his eyes, love and friendship. And somehow I doubt that love is directed at me. A pang of jealousy surfaces but quickly disappears again. Ayala is my friend, a man of honor.

Looking back one final time before the doors close behind me, I see Ayala heading towards the cowering form of Baastor. A strange feeling that I should be above all this, be better than Baastor and just turn him over to Tuvok dwells in me, but one thought of the suffering Tom has had to live with makes me destroy any pity and compassion I might have had for that evil man behind the now closed doors.


The corridor to sickbay is filled with people from all stations. They gaze at me with anger, not over me or Tom, but over what's been done to him. Some eyes hold pity, and others sorrow and concern. I wish Tom could see this, know that so many care for him, that nobody really ever hated him, just misunderstood him. I hope he will be able to see.

The sickbay doors open, and I see Tom placed there--on the exact same bed I had seen him on when he had almost died. A hand gently brushes my shoulder; it's Kathryn. "He's going to be fine Chakotay, you got there in time." I have no words for the happiness that floods my body.

I find myself by his side, looking down into those deep ocean blue eyes that have captured my heart. "Chakotay, I love you," he said in a voice still fragile. He looks so tired and beat. The anger towards Baastor started blossoming again but the thought of Ayala being with him, quelled it. He was going to suffer.

"Tom, I'm so sorry I wasn't there. I thought he would kill you." I manage to say to him after a few minutes of intense soul-searching stares. He just looks at me, and I know that he would never blame me. The guilt that almost suffocated me disappears in one heartbeat.

I know everything is going to be just fine.

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