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Title: My Beauty
Author: Jeanette Kofoed
Part/Series: Part 4/? in the Thoughs series; Sequel to: The Seduction Of Paris, Harry, A Gift for a Soul Mate.
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Written April 2000


My Beauty

Tom isn't home tonight. He said he had to prepare something, and by something I know he means my present. I told him at some point that a present didn't have to be something you could touch or hold; it just had to be something from the heart.

I am actually looking forward to seeing what he has planned. He can be very creative and that is another thing I love about him. He always knows how to make me happy. When I'm in a bad mood, the things he can come up with to make our trivial life exciting are simply outstanding.

Let's not forget about the sex. Tom can turn sex into a passionate merging of our souls. When he's in charge, he drives me to the edge and keeps me there until I can almost feel him inside me. The powerful trip is unforgettable. Sex isn't something I would build a relationship on, but with Tom I could be tempted. I'll just never tell him that. He believes that his body is the only thing, besides his ability to fly, that he has of value, and that isn't true. He always cares for others. Never judges anyone, unlike me, before there is sufficient evidence, and even then he won't treat the person any differently than another. He is a kind and gentle spirit that easily breaks.

He might be great in bed, and he is, he certainly is, but that isn't everything. Though I wouldn't miss it for the world, having him under me, moaning my name. He is a true beauty during sex, all flushed and heated, with aroused eyes and tousled hair. And he is my beauty.

I have to find a gift for Tom too, since it is our six-month anniversary. And believe me, I have found the perfect gift, for both of us. I just hope he likes it.

Harry was the one who gave them to me, and I'm grateful. Sometimes I'm tempted to believe that Harry knew all along. Knew what my intentions were regarding Tom. Hell I'm surprised that everybody didn't know.


In the beginning of our relationship, after it was out in the open, Tom had a rough time. Some of my old Maquis crew and some of the original Starfleet crew harassed him. They thought he was trying to sleep his way to the top, but I showed them all, didn't I.

A week after we had made our relationship public, Tom had had about enough. It wasn't himself he was worried about, it was me. So as foolish as he can be sometimes, he wanted to break up--in the middle of the mess hall. He had looked very tired the entire day, and I suspected that he hadn't slept. This all took place before we had moved in together. He sat down next to me and after a few minutes, he told me he thought it would be for the best if we broke up.

It didn't take me long to figure out why he wanted to do this, and I planned to make those doubts disappear. Most people had, by now, figured out that something was going on at our table, and I decided that if I wanted to do something about it, now would be as good a time as ever. I pitched my voice loud and clear, "I won't accept you breaking up with me. I have chosen you and I love you Tom." With that I kissed him, devouring his sweet lips, as all in the mess hall watched. At first he resisted a little, but soon he melted into my arms and we shared a heated and passionate kiss.

From that day on, no one has harassed Tom, and they better not. Who knows what I'll do the next time.


It is getting late and I have to get some sleep. A Commander always works, even on his birthday. But Janeway played around a little with the shifts and gave Tom and me half the day off. I wonder if he'll get back soon; I really hate sleeping without him.

I can hear someone singing softly and I open my eyes. Guess I fell asleep after all. I put my clothes on and walk to the table in the main room. It's all decorated and filled with normal, delicious food. Not a single Neelix 'thing' is on the table.

Tom steps into the room and looks at me. "Nice of you to finally wake up." He walks over to me and plants a kiss on my cheek and then one on my lips. As he tries to pull away, I capture him in my arms and hug him tightly. We finish our breakfast and kiss goodbye, knowing that we'll meet in a few hours.


I wonder what he is going to give me. That is the only thing I am thinking about on my shift. Luckily this is a boring sector, and there is nothing that needs my full attention.


Shift's over and I head toward holodeck two, just as Tom said I should. I have changed my clothing and picked up my gift for Tom. I wonder once again what he has planned for me, before I step into the holodeck. The sight that greets me is a surprise. I see Tom, coming from the house and I walk happily toward him. I couldn't have wished for anything else than this. Now I only hope he likes my gift.

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