CPR: The Chakotay/Paris Realm

06.07.01: Added 11 pics from the season six episode One Small Step
Also added my subtext report for One Small Step

06.04.01: I know this is a new site, but I seem to have less and less time to update lately. I'm sorry about that. I'll try to update here still, but it may be few and far between. Tonight I managed to put up 8 pics from the season six episode, Alice
I also added my subtext report for Alice

05.21.01: I finally got lots more fic by Layla V and Kim Riley posted on the fiction page

05.18.01: I'm so sorry for the long delay in archiving all the fiction I've been given permission to use, but I've been busy geting my Enterprise site together, and haven't had time to do anything else. Tonight I finally got to add Kim Riley's excellent fic Kiss Me Tom, and Protective Nature

05.15.01: Added 8 pictures from the season two episode Deadlock
Added a link to my new site, Star Trek: Enterprise-Series V
Added parts 45 and 46 (the conclusion) to No Regrets.. They are under Volume 8
I'm sorry that the other updates disappeared from here. This stupid server seems to have a LOT of hiccups. At the moment, I don't have time to move it though, and probably won't ever have time, now that I have three sites to update. I'll get some more fiction up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.. I have a lot more to add.

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